Pride Night with the New York Islanders


New York Islanders pic

New York Islanders

An attorney with a wealth of experience in media and entertainment law, Steven C. Beer earned recognition as one of the “21 Great Thinkers of Indie Film” in the online magazine The Wrap. He has been a partner in the New York City law firm of Franklin Weinrib Rudell and Vassallo for five years. Outside of the professional arena, Steven C. Beer is an avid ice hockey player and an active supporter of the New York City Gay Hockey Association.

On February 4, 2017, the New York City Gay Hockey Association (NYCGHA) joined with the New York Islanders to become the first New York City-based National Hockey League team to host a Pride Night in recognition of the gay community. In honor of the event, the NYCGHA booked a large block of tickets in the lower bowl section of the Barclays Center for a 7 p.m. game against the Carolina Hurricanes.

In addition to attending the game, participants in this historic Pride Night could choose to take part in a scrimmage on the Islanders’ ice during the afternoon hours. The NYCGHA also arranged a pregame gathering at a nearby restaurant and bar.