The Seeds to Trees Program at City Parks Foundation

Seeds to Trees Program pic

Seeds to Trees Program

Media and entertainment attorney Steven C. Beer is a partner in the New York City office of Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell and Vassallo. Outside of his work in the legal sector, Steven C. Beer volunteers his time with City Parks Foundation, a nonprofit organization promoting public parks as centers of urban life in New York City.

For more than 25 years, City Parks Foundation (CPF) has used its Seeds to Trees program to introduce local children to nature and urban ecology. Designed for students in second through eighth grades, the Seeds to Trees program combines field experience with hands-on classroom activities to create a truly immersive opportunity. Participants in the program learn about a wide variety of ecological topics, from forest ecology and urban wildlife to biodiversity and healthy waterways.

Every year, CPF partners with between 16 and 20 schools, focusing its efforts on schools in high-needs communities. After working with children for a minimum of two years during the school day, CPF encourages students to participate in summer, after school, and intern programs.

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