Positions on a Hockey Team


Hockey pic

Image: talkhockey.co.uk

An entertainment attorney by profession, Steven C. Beer practices with Franklin Weinrib Rudell & Vassallo in New York City. In his free time, Steven C. Beer is an avid hockey player.

As the rules of the game of hockey dictate, six players from each team take to the ice. The teams each send out one goalie, who must stay within an area known as the crease. The goalie’s purpose is to block the puck from entering the net, and he or she can use any part of the body to stop it. Because this task can be quite dangerous, the goalie wears much more protective gear than other team members.

Each team also sends out two defensemen to block the opposing team’s forward line and protect their goal. The defensemen work in front of the goalie and behind the forwards. They typically stay behind the forward line, so that they can keep the puck outside of their zone when possible and block scoring attempts at their own goal.

Meanwhile, three forwards play mostly in the opponent’s zone and are primarily responsible for attempts on the opposing goal. The center assumes leadership responsibility for most such attempts, while the wings remain on the center’s left and right to be ready for passes. Working in collaboration, these three players work to set up shots and, ideally, score points for their team.


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