Turning Talent into a Career-Where to Start

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Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment
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Based in New York, Steven C. Beer serves as partner at Franklin Weinrib Rudell & Vassallo. A distinguished media and entertainment attorney, Steven C. Beer is the author of Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent’s Guide.

Your Child’s Career in Music and Entertainment: The Prudent Parent’s Guide was written to address the challenges parents face when they seek to transition their children’s talents from hobbies to full-time careers. The book guides parents through issues such as consulting the right professionals, choosing between an agent and a manager, preparing for auditions, proper managing of finances, statutory protections for children, and creating balance for the entire family.

A child’s happiness and health are two of the most important issues while transitioning to a full-time career in entertainment. The book brings to light the experiences of some of today’s top stars together with their parents in an effort to teach upcoming entertainers on how to balance their schoolwork with their career, how to avoid the bad habits associated with celebrity life, how to handle rejection, and how to stay healthy while managing their busy schedule.


All-time National Hockey League Goal Scorers

Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky
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Steven C. Beer has served as a partner at Franklin Weinrib Rudell and Vassallo in New York City since 2012. Beyond his work as an attorney, Steven C. Beer enjoys staying active through ice hockey.

No player in the history of the National Hockey League (NHL) has scored more goals than Canadian forward Wayne Gretzky. Active from 1978 through 1999, Gretzky scored 583 goals with the Edmonton Oilers before ending his career with 894 total goals. Gretzky led the league in scoring five times in his career and recorded nine seasons of scoring at least 51 goals.

Gretzky is followed on the NHL scoring list by Gordie Howe. Howe spent 25 of his 32-season career with the Detroit Red Wings, scoring a total of 801 goals. Howe had a slower start to his goal-scoring career compared to Gretzky but soon amassed five league scoring titles of his own. He managed his decline better than Gretzky, scoring at least 15 goals in each of his last three seasons.

Additional scorers on the NHL all-time goals leader list include Jaromir Jagr, Brett Hull, and Marcel Dionne. With 611 goals, number 16 Jarome Iginla is the highest-ranked active player on the list.

Finding Directional Points Using Just the Sun

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Finding Directional Points
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Steven C. Beer is an attorney and partner with Franklin Weinrib Rudell and Vassallo in New York City. When he is not working, Steven C. Beer enjoys staying active by hiking.

A compass and a map are two essential items for any hike. However, individuals should know how to handle themselves in the great outdoors should they find themselves bereft of either tool. The sun is one of the most valuable resources when it comes to navigating without a map or compass.

The sun only rises due east twice a year, so hikers must understand that there is more to reading direction based on the sun than following its trajectory through the sky. In June, the sun tends to rise from the northeast, while the sun will rise closer to southeast as the winter solstice draws nearer. However, following the sun’s path should generally lead hikers from east to west.

As the sun reaches its midday positioning in the sky, it can be difficult to determine in which direction it is headed. In order to overcome this obstacle, hikers can drive a stick in the ground and trace the arc of the stick’s shortest shadow. The arc will create a perfect north-south line, as defined by the point of the arc closest to the stick. With a perfect north-south line and an understanding of the sun’s east-to-west trajectory, hikers should be able to establish all four directional points even without a compass or map.