Benefits of Trekking Poles


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Trekking Poles

A media and entertainment attorney based in New York City, Steven C. Beer is a partner with Franklin, Weinrib, Rudell & Vassallo, P.C. In his leisure time, Steven C. Beer enjoys hiking in the New York area.

Although casual hikes typically require only a day pack and a solid pair of shoes, trekking poles can significantly improve the hiking experience under certain circumstances. Trekking poles enable hikers to push against the ground with their arms, propelling them forward and upward. Not only does this make steep climbs much easier, but it also reduces strain on the knees, ankles, and feet. Indeed, studies suggest that trekking poles reduce compression strains on the knees by as much as 25 percent.

In addition to making the uphill climb easier, trekking poles can improve safety out on the trail. On unpredictable terrain like loose rocks and slippery river crossings, trekking poles add points of contact with the ground, increasing stability and decreasing the likelihood of a fall. Trekking poles can also be used to test new terrain without actually putting full body weight on it.